My Junior Year Of High School Essay

1382 Words Oct 12th, 2015 null Page
My Junior year of high school was my challenging year, the reason to that is because we had to study for our Act also we had our grad MCAs to take. I must say it was really difficult knowing that we had those two big major tests in the same week. The amount of studying was ridiculous but in my head for a whole two months I was reminding myself that it will benefit me in the future that I need this to graduate. One part I didn 't have to worry was a portion of the MCA like the Algebra part. But the part that was extremely hard for me was geometry. Geometry was really confusing knowing the different shape and the equation and all other things. One thing I remember was when my teacher reminded saying half of the exam consist of geometry that 's when I lost all hope. I studied every day memorized out almost everything and when I couldn 't understand something I would turn to Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a website for all subjects and its someone behind a computer that 's explaining a whole topic to you step by step. That was the best tool that I had and my family kept encouraging me to try my best and not stress over it a lot. They reminded me to take break and give my mind a rest but I would not listen, I would lock myself in my room and keep studying. Spring break was approaching and it was a week before the tests begin and I was going crazy. I wouldn 't sleep at all was sleep deprived I would stay up every night and study. One night my mother came in my room and she…

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