Essay about My Junior Year Of High School

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My junior year of high school, I decided it was in my best interest to graduate a year early and start my college career. I am a criminologist major that has no idea what I want my actual career to be. I have wanted to be a C.S.I since I was a kid, but college has made that dream seem a little unrealistic. I believed that going to college was something that was going to be best for me and my future. This is because I wanted to be something better than what I had to deal with growing up, I thought college was going to make my life less of a struggle in the future. I was always told that if I did not go to college I was going to end up like my parents, who did not go to college. Unemployed and struggling month by month is not what I wanted for myself or my life. That comes to the question; Why am I in college? I am in college because a college degree will lead me on the right path, it will help me find a more realistic career that fits my major best, and in the end there will be more success over failure. College is not really for everyone. Some people go just because it is what their parents believe is the right thing to do for their future. Others go because going to college and receiving a degree is the next step in their plan for a more successful future. I am one of those people who have gone to that next step. Sometime in the next four years I hope to be graduating and receiving a college degree. It means more than a high school diploma does, with that degree you can…

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