My Junior Year Of High School Essay example

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It is the end of my junior year of high school, and I am so excited for my senior season of football to arrive. Once football season ended, all the way through the summer, I put all I had onto the field and in the weight room. I knew this next year was my year to prove to college scouts what I could do. Every day after practice I would go over to my girlfriend’s house to spend time with her. On April 18th, my life changed, I was blessed with a beautiful, brown-eyed, curly hair, and chunky baby girl. We named her Myricall Grace Hughes, but I like to call her by her nickname Fatty. After every visit with my girlfriend and our beautiful daughter, as I left her house she would say, “Put your seatbelt on.” She always had to remind me, because I would never put it on when I drove anywhere. I would always reply with, “don 't worry about me, I 'm a G.”
It was September 11, 2013. Ring, Ring, Ring, the bell rings for school to end, as I was walking to the field house, I am asking every one of my teammates, “does it look like it 's going to rain to you?” praying that it pours down like Katrina, so that practice would get cancelled. I get into the locker room, put on my little white pants, huge shoulders pads, and a pair of football cleats that were so tight that my blisters were hurting. I then step on the field to line up for the team stretch. Whistle blows. “Go!” Coach Sears yells, as we run from the goal line to the 40 yard line. Just as we take off from the line, a loud…

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