My Journey Towards Higher Education Essay

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My journey to higher education began four years ago during my senior year of high school. Sitting in my guidance counselor’s small,-dimly lit office surrounded by filing cabinets, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. I was there discussing what to do in order to get into college. Being the first in my family to pursue a college education, my work was well cut out for me. I had the grades, I had the work ethic, but I did not have the financial support. In that moment, consumed by anxiety and getting close to the point of giving up; my high school guidance counselor smiled and told me I had the ability to be successful. It was on that day that the impossible became attainable, and I knew that if I gave it my all, I could get a college education. This was not the only thing that struck me in that meeting. That day, I also knew that I wanted to be able to inspire students in the way that my guidance counselor had inspired me.
To this day one of my proudest moments was becoming a recipient of the Christina Hixson Opportunity Awards Scholarship at Iowa State University. It was a half tuition scholarship for all four years of my undergraduate career. This was the determining factor of whether I could attend a university or a community college. I remember the moment that I found out I had received the scholarship. I felt like I had been handed not just a scholarship, but an opportunity to achieve that which I could not on my own.
I marched into my first year of college,…

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