Personal Narrative: My Field Trip To Chabot

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Ready for Blastoff Curiosity constantly leads me to new adventures and memories, and combined with my passions, it eventually led me to Chabot Space and Science Center. Driving up the windy hills and past the redwood trees for my first field trip in fourth grade, the magnificent sight of grand telescopes overwhelmed me once my class arrived at Chabot. At each exhibit, I felt like an explorer in space where I could do anything from walking on the moon to discovering another planet with life. As time flew by, I continued visiting Chabot with my family from time to time, but I decided to finally become a part of the Chabot family in high school. In my freshman-year biology class, I noticed that many girls, including myself, struggled to take risks and answer questions. However, boys in my class would spontaneously shout random answers. Seeing the discrepancies between the …show more content…
As an Elite, I mentor new Galaxy Explorers, work with students on the Environmental, Solar, and Programming team, and volunteer at special events. With the Environmental team, I led the first presentation at the Youth for Environmental Sustainability where we presented invasive species to over 30 attendees and helped redevelop Chabot’s garden. This year, I will help lead a presentation on developing gardens alongside other Environmental team members. With the Programming team, I help develop the museum’s android application which included trivia and games to connect visitors with Chabot in and out of the museum. Recently, I worked to develop solar panels for Chabot through the “We Share Solar” program. Chabot’s community has given me a family of supportive science enthusiasts, a place to be myself, the ability to reach for the sky, and most importantly, the opportunity to make the world a better place through

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