Childhood Interview Assignment

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This paper is for my parent in later life class. We have learned a lot about journey to adulthood and how it has changed over the years. For my interview assignment, I interviewed my sixty-seven year-old grandmother, “Tasha” and my twenty-seven year-old cousin, “Nicole”. Tasha is a retired and now stays at home to watch the grandchildren. She has some of the grandchildren living with her. So she is grandparenting her grandchildren. She and has a husband “Walley” have been married for 50 years and have 12 children and a lot of grandchildren. Nicole is a senior in college and works part-time at a Belk and at southern miss. She is majoring in math. She is married to Duarte and have one step child.
When I was interviewing Tasha and Nicole, their
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Tasha even stated that it was just for lust. According to Bjorklund (2015), “lust is certainly part of romantic love, but it can also operate independently”. Tasha feels as though you cannot really love a person in a romantic way that is the same sex as you so that means there should be no marriage. Also, Tasha and Nicole both stated that they like to do things with their family. According to Bjorklund (2015), “family members can be very close if they have frequent interactions, feel a great deal of affection towards each other, share basic attitudes and opinions…” Tasha and Nicole both are close to their families because they like to spend their free time with their family members. Another thing that they had in common was aging. They …show more content…
Nicole and I think just alike on a lot of things. I feel the same way as she does about same sex marriage and I also like spending time with my family. I think I will probably be like Tasha when I get older because she is my grandmother and you tend to act like your family. I did learn that we should spend time with the older people in our family because that is all that they want to do and it will make them happy. I also learned that we should pick a day and show them what we do for fun and then the next time we can do what they think is fun, so we will have a better understanding about each age group. I learned that even though people can come from the same family, they can be totally different because of how they were raised and the time period that they were brought up in. I will use this when I open my daycare. I always need to remember that everyone is different and they are even more different if they are relates. I need to know that just because their sibling act this way does not mean that they are going to act the same

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