Essay My Journey Through English 100 I Have Grown As A Writer

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My journey through English 100 I have grown as a writer is creativity and openness. I need to work on persistence and responsibility just a little bit. If I want to be a great writer I need to further develop on curiosity and metacognition. I have learned a lot this semester and I believe I could still be a lot better. I have learned a lot about myself this semester The eight habits of mind that I have made a dramatic improvement on the most this semester are openness and creativity. Openness was the habit I improved the most on while writing reading responses, annotation quizzes, and pre work assignments. Writing annotation quizzes has shown me where I am weak in, in my understanding of the work and being able to use the material that I am reading. I used to think that the only pre work assignment was doing a web but this year I found out that I was wrong. There are so many more like free writing, making charts, and forming your introduction and conclusion then body paragraphs. Using these different ways of developing text has improved my essay a lot. For example I made a Good enough on my raising awareness essay and that is when I used a web, rough draft, and forming my introduction and conclusion, then writing my body paragraphs. Reading responses were the hardest for me to write because I couldn’t figure out how to answer each question and organize it. Then one day in the middle of the semester I finally turned in a perfect reading response that got me a passing grade.…

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