Essay on My Journey Through Christianity 's History

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My Journey Through Introduction to Christianity
Prior to this course, I was already spiritually connected to God. I had a profound personal bond with Him that I found through my own spiritual journey. I was not taught to be Christian or to love God, I found God for myself. However, I always felt guilty that I didn 't know any of Christianity 's history. Don 't get me wrong, I knew the vague basics, but I didn 't know anything past that. For example, I knew Adam and Eve were God 's first human creations and that they disobeyed him, but I didn 't even know the details of that story. It is such a prominent story in Christianity and I had no clue what the details were. I lacked knowledge and wisdom of God and Christianity 's history and yearned for that more than anything. Unfortunately, I didn 't know how to teach myself and when I tried to I didn 't know where to start.
As mentioned before, I did not know the details of the Adam and Eve story before coming into this course. Therefore, the moment I learned the story behind Adam and Eve was an eye-opening experience for me. Just to finally know how everything started and how humans were created and why humanity is the way it is in a religious sense was remarkably satisfying. But in addition to that, I felt like I finally knew the most basic story within Christianity that everyone else already knew. That became particularly meaningful to me because I then felt like I was a part of the Christian community. It was continually the…

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