Essay on My Journey Of My Life Journey

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My life journey is what some would say a bit exciting.It all started on November 10, 1988... my birth. I was born in Smithville,Texas where the weather was a bit chilly at that time. The whole church was there so I was told. My mother really didnt have a place to call home but we found ours selfs in San Antonio T.X. My father wasn 't around much till about the age of 4 but still never really saw him.I was in karate and loved it something about swinging my arms and legs was like a rush for me. The excitement of battling the other apponent and winning really made me feel like a king, but we all grow up. A few more years after that I stopped going and started fighting and never listening. I can say every time i fought i was protecting someone smaller then me. My mother never believed me when i told her but what can I do as a child. I started working at the age of 12 cutting grass in the summer it was so hot. Everytime I was out there it felt as if I was in the dessert just sweating waiting for my day to end. this went on for a couple of years till I moved in with my step father. He taught me the ways of the mechanic which I caught on very well. By the age of 15 i was already building my own motor. I loved my life with my father very much, but I had my first kid at 17 now that was an eye opener.

My first born child was named Noah Tyler Moreno, his mothers idea for the last name. At the hospital I can remeber waking up every second of the night to make sure he was ok.…

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