My Journey Of Becoming A Physician Essay

728 Words Jun 23rd, 2016 3 Pages
My journey all started when my parents asked me what I wanted to become when I was 5 years old. It used to be cyber café owner, policeman, firefighter, and entertainer. They never forced me to look into medical or health related fields. I believe it all started when I entered elementary school in Korea. I vividly recall the incident on the first week of school when one of my classmates vomited on the floor and I was the only one cleaning and ambulating him to the health office. As I came to the United States and entered high school, I became highly interested in medical related subjects and enjoyed learning science courses, but I was not sure if I could succeed due to my citizenship. However, the issue I had never stopped me from pursuing health career path, and it only helped me become a stronger person. The one thing that has not changed since then is my goal always has been helping people who are less fortunate than I am. And, the idea of becoming a physician refined me into a better and stronger person these past years in many different ways. Because my family is nowhere near medical field, I started my journey with exposing myself to a hospital setting, which I began as a hospital volunteer via COPE health solutions program. During my stay in the program, I mostly volunteered in the Emergency Department and Labor and Delivery because those two departments were the ones that had available spots for me to volunteer. And, I had no complaints as I had no exposure to…

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