My Transition From High School To College

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Making a transition in life is tough no matter what it is, especially going from high school to college. It 's almost like trial and error. You know what to do and what not to do. But once you get adjusted to everything that college has to offer then you 're pretty much set.
. I will start off by taking you back to my younger days being a Dalton Catamount at Dalton High School. As a former high school student, I look back and think about my journey as I type this paper. While typing this, I realized I have came a long way from being a freshman at Dalton High School to now being an owl representing Kennesaw State University. Through the ups and down, the highs and lows, I had my issues with school like everyone else did, whether it was classes
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Like most students in their first year of college, I had trouble adjusting myself to college. When I first started at Dalton State College I really didn 't know or have an idea what I was getting myself into. Yes, we all say we want to go to college after graduating from high school so we can have a good job and have life and so on. When that moment actually happens, you 're like a deer in the headlights. Again with the adjustments that came with college, overall that was the hardest part for me. From staying in class for over an hour to having random tests given to you on any given day, it was a bit overwhelming how it all came at once. I knew then that had to change the habits I had back in high school very quickly. That means sacrificing hours of sleep and studying as if it was the final week of …show more content…
I made the Dean 's List, I got the HOPE scholarship thanks to my GPA meeting the requirements, and so on. I honestly felt like the king of the world. Then the spring semester came and it was the same as the previous semester. I took a little break during the summer then that 's when I became less motivated. I didn 't have that drive I had that helped my passed my courses with flying colors. The upcoming semester I barely got by in all of my classes. I did just enough to pass them. At the time I didn 't think anything was wrong with it. I become distracted. When you 're young and you get a refund from college, you don 't even care about what goes on in your classes. You 're just there just to be there. Over the course of time, I felt like I needed a change or more so change my surroundings due to me being in the same area ever since I was born. I felt like that wold give me back that drive I was missing for so long. I took a year off from college to get myself back together. It was almost like a restart for me. I figured this was the best scenario for me. But in reality what really pushed me to go back to college was my younger sister. This past May she got her Associate 's in Business & Marketing. Even though I 'm the oldest, she 's someone I look up to when it comes education. With her going to college and graduating, it motivated me. So I decided to transfer to Kennesaw State University and here

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