My Journey Down The Road Of Education Essay

1359 Words Oct 20th, 2015 6 Pages
As I continue my journey down the road of education I have been able to identify the type of student I have progressed into. I could not be more pleased with the way I have been able to overcome obstacles in my past years of education and truly focus on the aspect of learning. The way I am able to handle assignments and time management to this day has been such an improvement from my late stages of my high school years. Having the ability to manage my time wisely attending Manchester Community College is one of my strong suits. Fabricating a schedule that fits accordingly to my daily life has been my best decision so far at MCC. After attending class Monday through Wednesday I work part time delivering pizza’s to help pay my way through college. If I am not working during my free time I am studying and completing homework assignments due for the following week. I have little to no free time to see friends or enjoy a social life, but what motivates me the most is receiving awesome grades. Knowing all of the effort I put in for one test or even a little assignment and seeing that “A” on blackboard show up just proves what I am doing has a purpose and is so worth the pain. With all strengths there comes weaknesses. Usually I am able to manage my time accordingly to allow myself enough time to finish my assignments over the weekend. Occasionally I fall of the track of greatness and hit a bump in the road. This is usually when I don’t schedule out my days at school and I forget…

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