My Journey At The University Of Nebraska Lincoln Essay example

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I started my journey at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln without a major, I wanted a college degree but when asked what in, I could not come up with an answer. After four outstanding years I will leave Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science degree, and two majors in Psychology and Biology. After graduating in May I plan to attend medical school. Once those four years are complete I hope to be accepted into a four year psychiatric residency program, and finally become a licensed psychiatrist. The best decision of my life was coming to this university, followed up by the decision to take psychology of aggression during my first semester. It was in this class that my mind was exposed to a completely new way of thinking, one I quickly acquired a passion for. I never knew I could enjoy classes in the manner which I have with every single one of my psychology courses. Learning about the human brain has sparked my curiosity like nothing else ever has. Its complexity and influence captivates me. It is the reason why I continued to enroll in psychology courses. It is the exact reason I want to dedicate the rest of my life to a field where I can continue to study its influence on who we are as people.
After enjoying my psychology courses in the way I did, I decided it would be to my advantage to join a psychology lab. I got involved in the Child Maltreatment Lab in the spring semester of my sophomore year. All my life I have read and taken information from published work, it was quite…

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