My Journey At John G. Dupuis Elementary School

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The short journey across the sixty-First Avenue to fifty-Ninth Street of Hialeah was filled with mixed emotions. I loved going to school each morning, yet the stinging cold often reminded me of the dread awaiting me as soon as the alarm started at exactly six o’clock. John G. Dupuis Elementary School was a few minutes from our apartment. I still remember vividly how we lined up outside the street for the school bus often wondering how many round trips the old bus had made over the years. Looking expectantly at the opposite end of the street, we almost thought the bus would one day stall and never appear, but every day it showed up when we almost gave up. In addition, every day, we enjoyed the short trip and the morning conversations that followed. As we entered through the tall iron gates of the school, I always knew each day carried a different surprise. It was a small school, and we all knew each other. There were stories to share with little friends during the breaks, and there were tears to shade when we occasionally disagreed.
In fairness, my educational journey has been relatively long and filled with many eventful experiences. However, my time at John G. Dupuis is
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Right from my days at John G. Dupuis Elementary school, through Mater Academy Charter, MDC, and now Florida International University, I have come across numerous challenges that prepared me to be a better person. I have not only learned to control my emotions and coexist with other people, but I also learnt to be open-minded and patient. Toward my goal of becoming a professional teacher, each of the four educational institutions has contributed a great deal in achieving several milestones. As an upcoming teacher, I feel that I have followed through the right path of education, which will be a stepping-stone for my career and further

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