My Job Is A For A Food Distribution Company Which Has Multiple Distributions Center Across The Country

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I work as a dispatcher for a food distribution company which has multiple distributions center across the country. At the distribution center that I work, there are four different departments: transportation, warehouse, receiving, customer service. I work in transportation department which has 70 drivers, 20 driver helpers, 3 supervisors, 3 clerks and 1 manager. My job is to schedule the deliveries, coordinate with customers and drivers on a daily basis. As a dispatcher in the transportation department, I usually handle some of the issues that the drivers come across at the time of delivery. Sometimes, they get into an argument with the customers, or their equipment breaks down and the shop doesn’t help them. That is when I try to dig into the situation and find out what the problem is, and how it can be solved. But in some cases, when the issue is big, I hand it over to my manager. In our fleet, usually certain routes require a helper to help the driver make the deliveries because of the load volume, and the time of the delivery. A few months ago, there was a conflict between one of my drivers and his helper. The helper was assigned with a specific driver, and he was going out with the same driver on the same route every day. One day that the assigned driver was off, another driver was assigned to cover the route and make the deliveries. Both the driver and the driver helper leaves in the morning to make the deliveries, but apparently, the new driver is using a different…

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