My Job For The Summer Internship Essay

760 Words Aug 11th, 2016 4 Pages
At NewSong I did secretarial work daily. Such as typing the lead therapist’s consultation notes, answering the phone, taking appointments, and billing insurances. The lead therapist would also give me daily tasks to complete occasionally, for example I retyped a mental status exam for the center to have on file, I created a feelings tic-tac-toe board, a parking lot for cars, and feelings popsicle sticks for the lead therapist to use in session with clients. For these aspects of my job I had to be pleasant, work hard, and have a working knowledge of Microsoft word and excel. My main job for the summer was to create and present to the board a marketing plan for NewSong to utilize after my internship was completed. In order to complete the marking plan, I had to create a survey and compile responses then generate a broad marketing plan from the survey responses. I had to be outgoing and ask individuals in the community to fill out the survey to reach the goal of 100 respondents; I utilized my resources and asked the board members to ask people they know to fill out the survey. After individuals filled out the survey I then analyzed the data and created a plan based on the information I gleaned from the data. I then created steps NewSong could take to increase their visibility based on the four largest ways individuals in Mt. Sterling collect community information; by word of mouth, Facebook, the newspaper, and the local radio station. I fulfilled the steps I could and those my…

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