Why Jobs Are Important To Me Essay

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Jobs I’ve Held Jobs are very important to me. I am very thankful for the jobs that I have held in my life. From my first job to my current job, all of my jobs have helped me become the person I am today. I have had good jobs and I have had bad jobs, and I have been able to see a lot of different industries and different aspects of large business and smaller ones. I have worked multiple jobs at one time, working 50 plus hours a week during summers in colleges. I have left all of my jobs on good terms and I can luckily use all of my old managers as references. Since I was 14 years old, I have been in the workforce. So after 10 years and 6 different jobs, I believe that I have a decent amount of experience for my age, but there is always room …show more content…
I worked at Ruby’s up until my senior year of college and transferred from the Wentzville location to the Columbia location when I was in school. I had two managers at the Wentzville location in my 5 years there. My first manager was very Laissez faire and really did not give any employees any guidance. He was let go for his bad management style, and Matt my second manager came in. Matt was a great management, he was very democratic and let the employees say their opinions. Being a restaurant manager would not be an easy job, but Matt made it look easy. He stayed very calm and I never saw him lose his nerve. I really enjoyed working under Matt which is why I stayed there so long. I worked two jobs the summer of my sophomore year of college at Winghaven country club. I would work at the country club during the day and then I went straight to Ruby’s to serve at night. While I worked at the country club, I worked mostly on my own. My manager there only made the schedule and I only saw or heard from him when there was a schedule issue. He was very hands off and I really enjoyed having my freedom while I worked there in the …show more content…
Louis to work at an ITAP here for a couple weeks and do some interviews. I landed my current job at Bunge North America in July of 2014 as an Account Manager. I have moved from packaged oils when I first started to bulk sales in the two years I have worked with Bunge. I have had two managers since I joined, each for about a year. Donna, my hiring manager, was a very Autocratic, and micro manager. I did not enjoy working under this type of management style. I work much better without much supervision and she made me feel like I was in grade school and being babysat. She didn’t listen to her employees about their opinions and would not encourage people to move on outside of the role due to having to find new employee to fill their role. My second manager at Bunge, Norine was quite the opposite of Donna. Norine rarely go involved with my customer, she was definitely a Macro manager, in part because she did not have the time to be a micro manager. Norine had an open door policy, I knew I could go to her for anything whether it was a system issue, a customer issue, or a personal issue- Norine would help me through it. She is encouraging me to go learn new things and branch out to grow my career within Bunge. I have really enjoyed working under Norine for the last year of my career at

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