My Job At Eagle Creek Golf Essay

1072 Words Dec 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Three activities that I have been involved in are track, my job, and Student Ambassador. Track is a school sport that I decided to do one year for fun and ended up falling in love with it. Its purpose is to build teamwork and stay physically active. My job is at Eagle Creek Golf Course in Norwalk. I am responsible for cleaning the golf carts, the golf course and clubhouse upkeep, helping out with events, and any other job they assign us. We make sure the golf course is well taken care of for a better golfing experience. Lastly, Student Ambassadors, like me, serve various events in the school. Our purpose is to give back to a school that does so much for us. These three activities have helped build and strengthen the ideals of National Honors Society in me, leadership, service, and character. In track, I was expected to show up on time, push myself everyday, be coachable, and contribute my part to the team. I tried to fulfill my role on the track team as best as I could by performing to expectations that were set. There was practice everyday and meets that totalled up to about 20-30 hours per week. I became involved when someone recommended that I try track, my freshman year, as a sport that I could have fun with. I have fell in love with the sport and I love the friend I have met through it. I have continued with track since freshman year and I am also doing indoor track this year, along with the regular season, and I plan in continuing the rest of my high school years. I…

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