My Interview About My Friend 's Sister Shannon O ' Donnell Essay examples

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After interviewing my friend’s sister Shannon O’Donnell, who is a 7th and 8th grade Living Environment to inclusive classes in an inner-city Westchester school which is in the third year of state receivership. The most important advice I acquired from the interview was that as a teacher, I should be patient and flexible to adapt to every one of the students to meet their individual needs. I learned from my interview that students she works with are Hispanic and either immigrants or first-generation in Americans to go to school and get education they need. She said, “If education is not a priority, which unfortunately for many of the culture she teaches it is not, she have to show the students that only way they can improve their situation is through education and job training.”
Miss O’Donnell got her undergraduate education from SUNY New Paltz. Then she obtained her BS in Adolescent Education and Biology. Lastly, her masters are in MPS in Special Education grades 5- 12. She has the following certifications: 5-12 Biology, 5-12 Chemistry, 5-12 General Science and 5-12 Special Education. Every year, Shannon designs her own lesson’s starting with the standard-based education. She looks at what the standard is requiring the students to know, and then break it down into smaller skills. All of her classroom activities are either teaching a new standard or reinforcing a previous taught one. She also, writes her current school’s 7th and 8th grade curricula because they teach…

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