My Internship With The Portage Department Of Public Safety Essay

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At approximately 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 I arrived at 7810 Shaver Rd for my internship with the Portage Department of Public Safety. I entered the station and put on my vest for my ride along. I then proceeded to the Sergeant 's office where I received the name of the officer I would be riding with for the night. The Sergeant told me I was scheduled to ride with Officer Patterson. I met with Patterson and we went to the briefing room and waited for the night shift briefing. After briefing we left the station and headed into district 3 where Patterson was assigned. We started by patrolling around Millim Meadows. Patterson was looking for any vehicles that were not usually there.
We were then dispatched to a lost item in an apartment in Millim Meadows. The caller had found a purse on the ground outside of the apartment. We arrived at the apartment at 8:29pm. We went up to the callers apartment and knocked on the door and the caller let us in and gave us the purse we left and gave dispatch the name on the driver 's license and ask them to find us the owners residents. Dispatch then told us where the owner was living and it was in the same complex as the person who found the purse. We arrived back at the apartment and went to the apartment room where the owner lives. We then knocked on the door and the owners roommate answered and we had her call the owner to see if it was okey to leave the purse with her she said it was so left the purse with her.
We then went…

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