My Internship During The Fall Semester Essay

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My internship during the fall semester for US 460 consisted of being a teacher’s aide for the sophomore class in the President’s Leadership Program. I was actually lucky enough to be able to work with two amazing leaders this semester in Steven Trujillo, and Shanna Farmer. They both have previously graduated from the program, and have teamed up this semester to lead the sophomore class of US 260 through their learning experience and shadowing process. The leadership program works under the rules and guidelines set by Colorado State University Pueblo, which is a non-profit organization. The structure of the University isn’t a small one. It starts at very top with the board of governors, the CSU System Chancellor, then finally the President of CSU-Pueblo. Once you reach the President it then begins to go through and break down to each of the different colleges, and departments on campus. The President’s Leadership Program falls under the Provost office, it is about in the middle in terms of placement on the chart, it’s not at the bottom, nor is it at the top. (MAYBE ADD MORE) The first time I met with both Steven and Shanna to go over the finer details of my internship was about two weeks before classes were actually starting back up from summer break. We met at a pre-determined location and discussed the layout of what the semester was going to look like, as well as what the two of them were expecting of me. (TALK ABOUT WHAT THEY ASSIGNED AND THE PARTS OF CLASS THAT WERE…

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