My Internship At Safe Space, An Agency For Homeless Youths Essay

2245 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
During my internship at Safe Space, an agency for homeless youths, I have observed and experienced my amazing things. The staffs have effectively demonstrated what the job of a social worker is and what they do. Through individual and groups activities, I was able to increase my knowledge on the social work practice behaviors. Each competency describes the knowledge, values, skills, cognitive and emotional process that social workers need. This paper will highlight the behavioral practices that I have observed during my field internship.
Professional Identity
In the field of social work, the practice behavior of professional identity is essential for developing relationships between social workers, clients and colleagues. Professional identity is how a social worker thinks of herself or himself as a social worker. They have to recognize they own personal values. Also, the difference between personal and professional values. They also understand how their personal experiences and emotions can influence their professional judgment and behavior. As a social worker, you must “demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning and applying your knowledge in the agency.” (Garthwait, 32). Also you must be a good listener and communicator in order to provide effective services to clients. In addition, professional identity of social workers also include demonstrating your understanding of agency mission, programs and policies.
As I interned at Safe Space, I have observed the practice…

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