My Internship At Atlanta Police Department Cid Unit Essay

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Descriptive Essay

I chose to do my internship at Atlanta Police Department CID Unit. This is the investigations unit they follow up with victims after an Atlanta police officer takes the report. An investigation officer deals with about 20 caseloads a day. When the investigator calls the victim, they ask them to explain what happened and they advise how they can proceed with the case, whether that be to look at cameras of the crime or to take a warrant out on the person they found to be guilty. As an intern, I am to answer phones and to advise the investigating officers if they have a phone call, I also take messages for the officers. As an intern I am allowed to go with them out on calls to investigate crimes that have occurred. I also get to go to the public safety headquarters to see the process in getting warrants and where they flag felons. Flagging a felon is when a person can go out of the state, but if stopped, he or she can be brought back to the place where the warrant is valid. “The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of investigative units whose primary responsibility is to investigate and follow-up on crimes committed against persons or property in the City of Atlanta.”(APD)There are many divisions that are a part of this operation. They are comprised of Homicide, Homeland security, Narcotics, the Gang Unit, Special Victims, School detectives, and the Fugitive Unit. “CID is also responsible for the regulation of vehicles for hire…

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