My Internship At Able Business Services Essay

789 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
I did my internship at ABLE Business Services because they are great organization that reaches out to all types of people. Throughout the past four months, I have proven without a doubt that I was a hard worker for Able.
What I achieved well during this internship is helping things run smoothly at ABLE. I answered customer’s questions, answered phone calls, and help plan the company agenda for the month. By having me there I was able to help people get helped faster. I learned that communication is a key factor in business. Business etiquette is an important role to impress clients and can possibly put your business one step in front of the competition. It involves communicating effectively and it’s a valuable skill set that will make you stand out from others.
I feel like my ideas were valued and I was a part of ABLE and not just an intern. I was a team player by treating everyone with respect. I ask questions to avoid making mistakes. I remain open to new learning opportunities, and seek out new challenges. I was open to feedback and develop a good working relationship with my supervisor. I’ve learned so much form the staff at ABLE about management, and the things that I’ve learned will be beneficial to me to help me get ahead than others.
The biggest project I did and the one I 'm most proud of is the company chemical brochure. I develop this brochure that will show case the company’s product list. The process was interesting and prove to be a learning experience for me.…

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