My Interest On The Sociology Of Religion Essay example

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My interest in the sociology of religion was first sparked while observing the differences and dichotomy in people 's behavior and orientation in the context of organized religions and spiritualities. Living for part of my life in Hong Kong, I have been aware of many scandals and controversies regarding various religion. Various news reports have indicated that some monks participate in activities that violate their beliefs in China, such as visiting prostitutes and abusing the donation system of their religious institutions for their personal benefit. Living in the United States in recent years, I 've also witnessed controversies within Christianity. Many of the ways in which religious organizations are institutionalized, at their very core, contradict many of the tenants they claim to support. Several of these examples might be explained by the secularization thesis (which indicates that religion will shift from a public sphere to a private sphere, and eventually be replaced by other institutions), I think we also need a more nuanced understanding of the complexities involved. There is increasing global attention to the rise of ISIS and extremist Islamic groups, the social problems presented in Israel, and the conflict between religious groups in the Middle East. The continuing endeavor of conservative Christians organization to make up a dominant force in the political and public sphere in the United States is also clear and remains a contentious issue. Here not only can…

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