My Interest On The Field Of Psychology Essay

1176 Words Nov 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Rarely does one ever acknowledge the sophisticated neural processes performed for even the most simplistic goal-related tasks. As a result, we live under the illusion that we are often in complete control of our behaviors; however, much research of various fields of study demonstrates that this is not always the case. My interest in neuropsychology dates as far back as my time in high school. Upon completing an AP Psychology course, I soon gained a deeper appreciation towards human adaptive action. More specifically, I was fascinated by how individuals operate while concurrently experiencing extraneous internal and external noise. At the time when I was still unfamiliar with the field of psychology, I naturally gravitated towards the clinical aspect since populations who suffer with various neurological or psychological disorders often subjectively experience incompatible noise to the task at hand. It was not until my time as an undergraduate that I began to develop questions of my own and became interested in the research component of psychology. Today, I am primarily interested in neuropsychology and its clinical applications, to gain a deeper understanding of how incompatible noise due to psychological disorders impact ones ability to adapt and complete goal-related tasks. Moreover, I am curious how behavioral and neuroimaging techniques can be utilized to understand not only the structural but also functional properties of the brain to better serve clinical applications.…

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