My Interest On Learning More About Social Anxiety Essay

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My interest in learning more about social anxiety, came about during my first interaction with one of my former students at my field site MAAC Charter High school (i.e. a school located at Chula Vista). I was observing a biology class in hopes of building a presence in the school. I was walking around helping students with their class assignments. As I was going around the classroom I came across groups of students laughing and sharing conversations from left to right. In the corner of the classroom sat a young boy with curly hair. He was quiet and looked disconnected from the rest of the class. My gut was telling me to approach him and see how he was doing, so I did. At first he was a little surprised about my interest in wanting to speak to him he seemed a little timid. I started asking him questions about the subject, his goals, his experience at MAAC, etc. Little by little he began sharing how he had been struggling in school because he had just moved to MAAC and had no friends. He shared how he liked his old school because his teachers and friends were very understanding of his social anxiety and thus accommodated him with proper needs. As he was speaking his voice seemed exhausted and sad. I realized then that me and my student shared some similarities.
I wanted to do more research in social anxiety interventions to help students/children/ adults who are going through the same dilemma. Although I was never diagnosed with social anxiety, I recall having a hard time at…

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