My Initial Thought For The Museum

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My initial thought for this essay assignment was to choose the website that made me want to visit their museum the most, and compare and contrast it to the site that made me want to visit their museum the least. I planned to write about what attracted me to the museum that I wanted to visit and why I may not want to visit the museum that appealed the least to me. As I began viewing all the websites for the different museums, I did not expect there to be such a huge difference in the appearance and layout of the websites. After really digging through all of the websites I realized that they all had interesting exhibits, activities, and structures, etc.… Some were more appealing than others of course, but still the major difference to me was the design and layout of the sites. It made me realize that if I were just browsing the internet and checking out different websites and was in a hurry, the lack of appeal to some of the sites may have encouraged me to just quickly move on the next site. If it was not for this essay assignment I would have never paid such close attention to the content of the sites that didn’t catch my attention and I could easily overlook a museum that could be great to visit. For that reason, I decided to do a compare and contrast on the general appeal and functionality of the websites. The sites I chose to compare and contrast are the American Museum of Natural History and the Frist Center for the Arts. In my opinion, the American Museum of Natural

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