Essay about My Initial Reflection On Love

827 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
The overall thesis of my initial reflection on love was basically that I despise the ways society has twisted the meaning of love, but have encountered some moments similar to love in my life, albeit not being closely acquainted with it. Reading The Symposium, Consolation of Philosophy, and The Reasons of Love has not provided me with a clear explanation as to what love truly is, but has provided me with multiple interpretations for further pondering. The Symposium was my favorite of the texts that we read for this course. Pausanias’ speech, in particular, related to my initial reflection in discussing base love in comparison to noble love. According to Pausanias, base love is love that is based on sexual gratification while noble love is about loving a person for who they are on the inside. I believe that society finds base and noble love to be synonymous, hence my initial frustration. I also found Aristophanes speech to be intriguing, albeit frustrating. Aristophanes said in his speech that humans were created as halves, so they spend their entire lives searching for their other half in order to feel complete. I understand I am taking this creation myth too seriously, but I find this myth, along with its effect on our culture, to be complete rubbish. Romantic love shouldn’t be a necessity, and enforcing the idea that it is is somewhat alienating. What about asexual people? What about mentally disabled people who are low-functioning? What about people who just…

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