Essay on My Initial Measurable Behavior Change Goal

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1a.) My initial measurable behavior change goal was “The one health behavior that I want to work on for the remainder of the semester is my physical activity, I have always wanted to be a runner and complete a marathon. I am a pretty active person in my everyday life and I do walk on my treadmill every morning, but I really want to get my heart rate up and burn some calories. I do notice that I am very tired in the mornings and I have read a number of research articles that show performing an activity like jogging or running first thing in the morning helps with energy and ramps up your metabolism. Since I am so tired in the morning I do drink coffee and drinking more coffee lead to more sugar in my diet, which is something that I am really trying to avoid because there isn’t really any health benefits directly linked to sugar in someone’s diet. I know that I will not be able to jump right on the treadmill and run 10 miles every day, but I will take steps to work up to that goal. I liked the feeling of being physically active and less of a couch potato and I am making it a priority for the rest of the semester because I want it to become a healthy habit and having this healthy habit will help keep my weight in a healthy BMI range.”

1b.) I did have to make a few changes to my goal progress throughout the semester because there were a few times that I did not work out because I was busy trying to get ready for the holidays. One thing that I did not plan on was my husband…

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