My Initial Idea Of Child Psychology Essay example

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A profound and extensive knowledge and understanding if my topic was achieved through analysis of website articles, videos, books and interview responses. In order to refine what was an extensive subject of psychology, I conducted comprehensive reading of secondary sources including online webpages and videos to gain a cultivated understanding of various forms of psychology. I further refined my topic through the process of literature reviews to stimulate deeper analysis of the diverse concepts and to contest to my original perceptions. My initial idea of child psychology was restricted to a broad insight of the learning processes and developments acquired, this was further challenged and analysed through my research. This proved to be beneficial as these sources provided opportunities for further research into specific functions of learning and development.

Website articles and books that I had used to build the foundation of my understanding of development and behaviour on, presented conflicting ideas with various other sources, therefore, it became evident that I needed to cross reference my research to improve the reliability of my sources. I was able to further refine my understanding of learning in children, ruling that there are two forms of learning entitled classical and operant conditioning. Investigating this directed me to Simply Psychology which discussed how the two learning processes functioned and were applied to practical situations to…

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