My Influence On My Life Essay

911 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Over the course of my young life I have had many influences, some major and some not so much. As we grow up physically and mentally there are people that are willing to help guide us through our child hood. Parents and god parents are a great example, and I know that not everyone gets to grow up with one or either of these but I can say that they have been great influences on me. my biggest influences are my parents. They taught me how to walk, run, read, speak, and ride a bike. Most importantly they raised me to live hand in hand with my faith. My other influence would probably have to be my maternal grandmother. She has always looked at me with the kind lovingness that every grandmother should have for their grandchildren. I live in a house with my mother and dad, they are still married and that alone has taught me great things about a healthy marriage and how I want my future life to be like. My mother was the cause of some major influencing in my life. She has been there through the ups and the downs, more importantly she has taught me how to move on form a mistake and learn from it. She has also played a major role in my current view on religion and faith. Before I describe that though I want to say that I am a Lutheran and I have always been one my whole life, but Before I was born my parents weren’t necessarily the strongest believers. They, together, decided that things needed to change and that the best way to change that is to renew their faith and raise their…

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