My Impression Of My Student Teaching Placement Essay example

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I am currently placed at P.S. 230, in a second grade ICT classroom. My first impression of my student teaching placement was not so positive at first. When I walked into the classroom the teachers were not as welcoming as I would have hoped them to be. The environment there was not comfortable due to the lack of air condition, it made it difficult for me to focus, and enjoy it.
The first two days of student teaching was dedicated to cleaning and classroom setup before the children’s arrival on September 4th. What stood out to me was the teachers’ concern and priority to keep everything extremely neat and organized. After going through different placements, I have never experienced teachers that were as organized and neat as they were. While some student might dislike that their teachers are very organized, and particular, I on the other hand, completely appreciate it; not only does it educate and benefit me as a future educator but enhances my personality as an individual as well. It makes me aware of how important it is to be prepared and organized.
Another thing I learned and noticed, was the benefits and needs for labels. Most things in the classroom were labeled. Not only did the labels serve as an indicator of where different things were placed, but also helped familiarize the children with all the different words, enhancing their vocabulary skills.
The school I am placed in is quite big; it has four floors and is filled with positive energy. It is very community…

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