Essay about My Implications and Learned Lessons in Business Negotiation

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My Implications and Learned Lessons in Business Negotiation

Being a salesperson like me, I must admit that it is a tough marketplace out there and strong negotiating skills are fundamental to achieving and more importantly sustaining career and business success, particularly within a competitive sales and marketing environment. Those of us who want to achieve better results, both at work and in our private lives, need to develop effective negotiating skills. It is worth to bear in mind that if the technique used is too aggressive or even too soft, revenue and profit will be lost. This all even made greater sense to me after taking the Negotiation Course. Not only did I learn the negotiation theories and related methodologies, but also I
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Working interdependently allows parties to achieve a possible outcome that is better than they could achieve by working on their own. In my business to be the leading food supplier, we always position ourselves as a partner with the customers. Both parties have the same goal that is doing the business. We need the customers to make our business, likewise they too need us as their suppliers to get their business running. The business nature essentially requires interdependence to achieve the final out come that is profitability. With that in mind, both parties realize that building and maintaining long term relationship is indispensable.
Alternatives that shape interdependence between parties "BATNA" : Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. Whether you should or should not agree on something in a negotiation depends upon the attractiveness of your best available alternatives. Negotiators need to understand their BATNA, as well as the other parties.
Interdependent parties have an influence on the others' outcomes and decisions. As parties act to influence each other in a negotiation, they engage in a mutual adjustment. It is important to recognize that negotiation is a process that transforms over time, and mutual adjustment is one of the key causes of the changes that occur during a negotiation. The effective negotiator needs to understand how people will adjust and readjust, and how the negotiations might twist and turn, based on one's own moves and the

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