What I Learned In Team Work

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My first year at university has brought a lot of changes to me. I never dare to imagine a confident me before. I used to be a timid girl. However, the academic environment in Da Nang has trained me to be more active and confident. I have improved my skills much, especially on presentation and teamwork. Presentation and teamwork are principal skills required for almost every subject in my class. The teachers divide us into groups to discuss and then present issues. By this way, I gain a lot of experiences. Firstly, I have learned to work in a team. It is important to express my ideas clearly to others. At first, it was hard, but now I get used to doing so. I can also listen and help my friends to develop and perfect their ideas. Then after …show more content…
It was a 6-wek project with an aim to help teenagers to develop soft skills and experience real challenges. There were 4 teams with 4 interns and 33 attendees. Each team had to make a plan to raise funds in order to bring a warmer Tet holiday to the children in an orphanage. This project helps me a lot to improve my skills. I can also call it as a special training for me on teamwork and leadership. My first lesson from this occasion is to work productively in a group. As teammates, we shared the efficient way to do tasks, such as writing a meeting minute, making an agenda or convincing customers to buy Pichio candies, which were our product to raise money. To me, it was really helpful, I can gain some tips to finish my responsibilities more efficiently. I also know that in a group, I cannot do only my own things. I must respect discipline. Iit is nowhere for selfishness, I should care, shareand connect with others. Another precious lesson is my experience as a leader. It was hard but unforgettable. The most difficult task for me is to make my teammates engaged. I could not force them, they also had their own studies. We found no common time to meet. At first, I was depressed and felt like I had no talent at all. Fortunately, the intern in my team helped me, advised me, supported me to find way. Our solution is to focus on productive people, but still care others. Since then, our work had gone well. After this project, I can also organize a team meeting. It maynot be perfect but I am sure it is efficient. This experience influences me a lot, helps me to be more confident and mature.
Luckily, I have learnt many precious things from my friends and people around me. They help me to perfect my skills. I know it is just the beginning of me. The gate to my life is just open, I will try my best on everything I do to get highest achievements. Thank you for your reading, I will be

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