My Image Of Teaching As A Career And Future

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The teaching profession is often the profession of choice for most young children, because throughout their early life, teachers serve as their role models. Students idolize their good teachers, and wish to prove themselves to spite their bad teachers. As students continue on with their education, they begin to believe that they would make an excellent teacher, and it becomes a constant fantasy that many students become infatuated with. As those students grow up, some of them choose to pursue education as a career, and hopefully their major program helps to show them the true realities of teaching. My own image has matured from my original view of the classroom as a place where all students enthusiastically join into discussion and love to write paper and explore the nuance of history, and instead into a more realistic view of the classroom as a transformative experience that will hopefully help students develop necessary skills.
My image of teaching originated as a student wanting to improve upon the faults in my own education, so the original reason I went into teaching was based upon a negative experience. This was the reason why as I began to go through high school, my career path didn’t seem to be that clear, because negativity is an awful form of
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I can have all the hopes and aspirations I want, but until I am in the midst of teaching and dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a teacher, I will not be able to adequately judge myself. This line of thought is reverberated around the world by other teachers. According to a study by Lay and Khoo (2013), “51.3% of pre-service science teachers were categorized as ‘neither student-centered nor teacher-centered (no decision)’ teaching style”, which translates into a little more than half of student teachers not knowing exactly how they are going to

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