Essay on My Identity From A Middle Class Family

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Every country, state, city, and even family has their own set of values. Culture is defined as a cluster of ideas, beliefs, characteristics, and behaviors shared by a group in society. When people talk about their identity and how it was formed, they tend to talk about what influenced them, what values came into it, how their experiences, negative or positive came to shape themselves. Since everyone is different people who counsel, treat, or work with helping other must be understood and receptive of the individual’s identity and beliefs. When I reflect on what influenced my identity development a few different aspects come to mind. My gender, having a military parent, our type of society and being a middle-class family is the biggest influences that come to mind. In the current society, gender shapes a large portion of an individual, both conscious and subconscious. In Ridgeway’s article (2009), the gender of an individual forms the background identity, which gives them their behaviors and biases. Using myself as an example, I was, in a way, taught males should be the rock of the family. Men should keep the negative emotions to themselves and attempt to show only the happiness. Lareau states the best example of the next influence, which is how a person’s class affects their growth and development in Unequal Childhoods (2003). She talks about how the class of a child gives them more opportunity for growth and advancement. In the terms of culture a person’s…

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