Essay on My Identification Of An Academic Writer

2279 Words Nov 14th, 2016 10 Pages
In the development of writing, every individual generates a composing process and a specific way in which they develop their ideas into a finalize piece. From outlines to prewriting specific points you wish to include in your piece, every individual identifies through a different approach that fits their thought process, all with the use of metacognition and awareness of one’s own feelings. Throughout not only this semester but, through many years of schooling, I have begun to develop my process and change from sprawling out unorganized ideas all over a page into a structured process that starts with answering the main points I wish to focus on and then revising until I see fit. With the articles we have been analyzing in class, written by Nancy Sommers, Peter Elbow, and Sondra Perl, these composition scholars have shown me who I am in terms of my identification of an academic writer and how I have shifted my writing process over this last semester in terms of composing and revision. When Composing a piece of writing I usually have a difficult time deciding how I wish to structure it. When given a topic to discuss and write in depth about, I find myself contemplating how to organize all my ideas into one clear and conceive piece. Especially when the topic is interesting to me, I tend to have a lot of ideas that I wish to include within the paper. Therefor my first step to composing a clear and well written paper is to take out multiple pieces of paper to structure these…

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