My Ideas About Responsibility For Contraception Essay

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My ideas about responsibility for contraception, would be that both the man and the woman should take all precautions in protecting themselves. There are many types of birth control out there for woman to use, however there are still a large population that is not using them. If a man and a woman have sexual relations then it is each their own responsibility to make sure they do not conceive a baby nor catch any possible Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If either one fails to do so, then it is their fault and no one else is to blame.
I am not sure exactly where I get my ideas on the responsibility of contraception. It is just a moral thought or feeling that I have or have always had throughout my life. I am not claiming to be perfect. I have made my fair share of mistakes in the past, however I did not blame anyone else for them but myself. I have learned that you have to be more careful and take better care of yourself, if you want to live a long health life. My attitudes about male and female gender roles tend to be the same, however I truly hate it when men lay down with a female and do not use protection, and later get mad because she ends up pregnant. Really! You are the dummy that did not protect yourself. I have no problem with my attitude or comfortability towards contraception and the effect it has had on my life. My past mistakes of not using contraception was my fault and mine alone. Men tend to blame the woman for getting pregnant, when they can only blame…

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