My Ideal Teacher Essay

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Doctors, lawyers, politicians, and engineers all received some type of formal education to be able fulfill these titles. No matter, the position someone may hold in society, everyone has progressed to where they are in life because they had a teacher. I would like to become a teacher to stimulate the next generation to become lifelong learners and I want to be able to make a positive difference in the future of our children. Within the process of teaching, I expect to find both personal and professional renewal. I want to be a part of a dignified profession with the chance of one day being counted among those who harnessed the boundless energy of our youth into learning. My choice to become a teacher was not made lightly. This decision was calculated and centered off reflections about what I truly wanted to do with my life. The ideal teacher is someone who is insightful, supportive and creative who encourages students through their academic endeavors. I have always felt indebted to the educational system for the foundation and values it has instilled in me. I am confident that I will play a vital role in each student’s education. …show more content…
Teaching special needs students requires a deep understanding of each students needs as well as learning styles. My older sister received her schooling from the special education program. I remember all of the setbacks she encountered learning as well as many of the highlights. My sister’s teachers exhibited patience and professionalism, consistency, caring, and a sense of humor at times. I have admired all her teachers for meeting my sister’s needs and helping to improve her skills and abilities. The biggest positive for me was seeing her grow as an individual and her quality of life enhance. This experience has motivated me to make a difference in students’ academic and life

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