My Ideal Future

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In terms of the future, do you plan to harvest? To maintain? To expand?
In your ideal world, how many days a year would you want to work? Please explain.

In the future he plans to maintain the business. He did not have plans to specifically turn the business over to anyone else. He is convinced that he will work as an accountant in his firm as long as possible. He enjoys the daily activities of his job and never wants to stop working in the next few years. He also does not want to expand any further because the company feels more controllable at its current size. He is satisfied with the company 's growth and is more interested in improving how he interacts with customers, how he astutely handles his work, and how he grows as a person in knowledge.
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He always wants to be inspiration for his son to strive for the best. He makes just out of reach goals and constantly tries his best to surpass them. He believes his ambition to strive off the lifestyle of the poor and the distraught he witnessed in Jamaica is his most valuable asset. It enabled him to push his limits and work hard for his current accomplishments. He does not want to backtrack and lose the business he developed. His more tangible assets are his devoted customer base and IT support such as computers, printers, and …show more content…
If he needed information on filing a flipped house he had an associate he could call within 1 to 2 phone calls. He always kept a assortment of people who had skills that would help his business flourish such as lawyers, other accountants, IT specialist, and more. He kept a positive attitude and always believed in his know how on accounting to keep his firm successful. If he did not know information on a subject he used resources ranging from the internet to library books on house flipping. He grew the company to where it is today by being open to enhancing his knowledge about what he did not know and utilizing it for things he new more about. The next five years will need consistent reading of the market for houses to flip since his current accountant clients are set and mostly use his services annually. He can learn how the housing market will shift by reading historical data and making educated

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