Reflective Essay And Self-Analysis

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It has been over a week that I have been in a pensive mood and have been contemplating about this essay. I recall how it all began. It was a tiresome evening of the last day of August and I have recently arrived home from camp. The first thing I was informed to do when I entered the house was that I had an essay that I needed to compose for a competition. My father notified me that the education director of the Toronto general consulate has challenged me to enroll into this three page essay competition. I agreed and accepted the challenge and began brainstorming a possible topic to write and elaborate on.

Countless hours have passed as I struggled to articulate my dream on paper at the library. The entirety of the time I was interpreting the question as if my dream was my
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As a result, I have attended overnight leadership camps to hone and develop my leadership skills. The motive of going to these camps was that I could become a leader to lead a bigger group of people and create decision that will directly impact the community in a positive method. Consequently, I have recently attempted to run for grade ten representatives in my school. I was not successful, I have failed my first attempt to provide a positive impact on my school. However, I will not abandon my dream to contribute back to my society. I will stand back up to continue attempting to provide back to my community just like it had provided for me.

In the near future, I will be finishing my secondary and postsecondary education. Following suit I will have an occupation. Even then, I will continue to live out my dream. Firstly, by becoming a productive member of society. Secondly, by sharing my knowledge and experience of what I learned from school to camp and everything else to someone younger than me. In order that they may take that knowledge and develop and learn further so that they might attain more knowledge than I could ever

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