My Idea Of Spirituality Through The Meaning Essay

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This song reflects my idea of spirituality through the meaning in the lyrics. Basically he is saying that Arthur is a boy who simply live his life day by day. He simply says that when you feel lost in the complicity of life, to find yourself the best thing to do is to fall in love. This is my favourite song at the moment and makes me reflect on my life and think about the people I love. After reading through the task and having to find 2 spiritual rituals. I began to wonder what I was going to write. Like a majority of 16 year olds I spend my free time on technology or with friends. I rarely go to church and meditate or pray. After having an indepth Conversation with my teacher, she told me that simply watching a movie in the living room on a Saturday night was a spiritual ritual. I realised that my spiritual rituals didn 't need to be about Jesus and God but simply a tradition or practise that strengthens my bonds with the people around me. The stigma attached to Rituals are that they need to be religious in some way or form, but they do not. One of the spritual rituals conducted in my family is that we usually go on a walk down at Sandgate or Redcliffe on a Sunday evening. It is always a good time to spend time with the people around me and to reflect on my thoughts as I walk down the beach. Another ritual is the idea of Birthday 's, in modern culture it is a custom that we throw a birthday party and invite our closest family and friends to join us in celebrating. This…

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