My Idea Of Resiliency Has Changed Drastically Over This Past Semester

757 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
My idea of resiliency has been changed drastically over this past semester. I have always used the future to drive me through past adversities that I was facing. By focusing on what I still need to do rather than on what happened. In the long term I don’t think this is good for me because I still struggle with a lot of things that have happened – even those that are in the distant past. I think this is because I chose to not talk about things but instead just ignore them and move on. This has helped me learn how to repress some memories, and I can almost repress most thoughts by will. This is useful in the sense that it allows me to stay positive regardless of other events. It is detrimental because I think that keeping things to myself gives me a sense of internal isolation; there are times when I feel like people are being inconsiderate for not understanding my feelings and I have to remind myself that people can’t read minds and that if I chose to not share my thoughts with them I can’t expect consideration for those feelings.
For me, however, this has been worth the reward. By not sharing these I maintain a network of people that expect me to perform as I would under any other circumstances. There are days when I feel like all I want to do is sit in bed and not talk to anyone or do anything, but I know that there are things I need to get done and people I need to see. Once I’m occupied with other things it becomes much easier to not think about everything…

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