My House On The Houses Of Marin Essay

1015 Words Jan 3rd, 2016 null Page
Generally speaking, I’ve based this house on the houses of Marin in California and assorted Cornish fishing villages. I’ve also added a few ideas from friends’ houses, favorite books, and a couple other things to suit various whims of my own. Many of the things I imagine being included are overall feelings that don’t translate very well to drawings or words. What was really surprising was how coastal everything was - nearly every house I thought of during this project was near a cool, grey coast, which is quite unlike the climate of where I’ve spent most of my life. Something to consider in the future, I suppose.

My house will be covered in those overlapping shingles (?) of exposed wood - I’m not quite sure what they’re called but I’ve always rather liked them. The trims will all be painted green. The chimney will be built of (or at least covered by) some sort of stone, preferably something from the area. I’m not entirely sure about the roof - tin, maybe? I’ve always been rather partial to slate, but that isn’t the best match to the rest of the house, nor am I very confident of its ability to work with solar panels (which I think I’d like to have). The windows all have panes or are the diamond kind found in castles and fairytale cottages - I understand that both of these are a bit of a nuisance, but I’m too much of a dreamer to care. My primary concern in is letting in natural light, which the diamond windows can do whilst still somewhat obscuring the view in - rather…

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