My Hobby Is Playing, Playing Guitar, Reading, Photography, And Hiking

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We all have hobbies that we do in our pastime. It can be of any kind, such as playing sports, playing drums, reading, photography and hiking. It’s one of the best ways that can bring us happiness and joy towards our lives, but actually doing so is not as easy as it sounds. Learning it can be an overwhelming and scary experience. My hobby is playing the guitar and I have been doing it for years. You can learn how to play a guitar in 20 hours by learning the most common chords, practicing switching between them and learning basic strumming. In ‘’The First 20 Hours-How to Learn Anything’’ Josh Kaufman talks about how you can learn about just any skill in about 20 hours of focused and concentrated effort. He has a simple method of picking up a new skill. It requires deconstructing a skill, learning enough to self-correct, removing practice barriers, and practicing at least 20 hours. He says by completing just 20 hours of focused, deliberate practice you’ll go from knowing nothing to doing extremely well. (19:13) Firstly, you have to deconstruct the skill. ‘’Most of the things we think of as skills, are actually big bundles of skills that requires all sort of different things. The more you can break apart the skill, the more you’re able to decide what are the parts of the skill that would actually help me get into what I want’’ (10:02) Take the skill that you are striving to learn and break it down into smaller parts. By breaking it into smaller parts, practice becomes less…

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