My Hillbilly Elegy Book Report

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My Hillbilly Elegy Hillbilly Elegy is a book by J.D. Vance, who tells the story about the struggles of his life and town. He talks about different problems his culture deals with throughout their entire lives. During part of the book, he talks about how he had many different people who helped him be successful. I believe I have people just like him who kept me on the right path, and helped me to make the right choices. In the book, Vance talks about the different people that helped keep him to stay on the right track. His grandparents were two of them. His grandfather would sit down with him and help him with his math. He would help Vance by being a father figure that he never had. His grandma would push him to do good in school. She also would teach him to stand up for himself and his family. Their house became the safe place for Vance to be whenever something would go wrong. They protected him from as much of the problems of their town as they could. The Marines helped to teach him everyday things, like buying a car or finding a good bank. They prepared him for the real world, and made it easier for him to go to college. He had other family members, like his sister, who taught protected him, and helped him to understand that in a relationship, he did not have to be on guard around his girlfriend like he was with his mother. He could relax and deal with the problem without yelling. Vance had a couple professors at Yale who also helped him. They would help guide him to where he wanted to be, and would teach him things, like what to …show more content…
It is a big part of why we are where we are at today. These people keep us on the right path and taught us the good in life. Vance proves to everyone that even if someone comes from a horrible situation, they can come out strong. That person just needs at least one other person who is there for them. That is why it is important that we all try to help each other as best as we

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