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It's my senior year in highschool. Everyday as I walk the halls, I reflect back on my previous years at this high school. I werom when I was a scared little freshman. I have been fortunate to have excelled in some subjects in school. However, there are certain subjects that have not come as easy to me. Mathematics happens to be one of them. Math related subjects such as Algebra and Geometry were subjects that I would go as far as saying that I truly struggled in.
As a child ,math seemed like the most pointless subject in the world. It was until I entered the 5th grade is when it started to get serious. Learning how to add and subtract numbers seemed easy, but never would I have thought that numbers could also be multiplied and divided. When
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My freshman year was hectic. Ms. Grzegorski, my geometry teacher had a true enthusiasm and love for math. But the problem was, she couldn't keep her class under control. Whenever I needed help she would be so distracted trying to get student to get in line and do what we were suppose to be doing. And on top of that whenever I did manage to get her attention , there would be a crowd of other students who needed help to. At that point I really was officially over math. I couldn't get the help i needed, and I was in a classroom with a bunch of wild animals. Throughout the chaos I managed to get a half credit for her class. Which means i'll have to take the other half the next …show more content…
Algebra 2 was the most uncomfortable class for me that year. Not only was it another math class but i had that class with a bunch of seniors. So it would always be packed in that class. The seniors would steal all the teachers attention. And to add on top of that the teacher was not a good teacher. Every beginning of class we would do a little math problem. It would be questions to look forward to on the SAT. As difficult as it already is for me to be doing math, we needed to be able to try to remember what we previously learned. So because the math problems didn't even match what we were learning that week it made it me frustrated. My math anxiety started to kick in, how could I possibly try to memorize what we are learning now and what i'm already supposed to know. I believed that i got to the point where I am over

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