My High School Of Choice Essay

926 Words Dec 10th, 2015 4 Pages
In my English 111 class I was asked to write a comparison and contrast paper, and only one topic could come to mind. Comparing my normal high school (Northwest) to my school of choice (Roanoke Valley Early College). If you know someone who knows both schools very well, as myself, they will tell you that the two schools are like day and night. It’s so hard to believe that if I wouldn’t have gotten accepted to RVEC I would’ve been continuing at Northwest Halifax. In recent years the things that have happened at Northwest are things that will leave you speechless in amazement that this really happens at a high school here. Let’s start with the students, I started 7th grade with the sophomores at Northwest now, and when I transferred in middle school I was terrified then, it’s like 20x worse at Northwest. Most of the students have no respect for the staff, and you will often hear about students and staff fighting. Not only are they disrespectful to the staff they are disrespectful to visitors as well. When our softball team traveled to play their softball team, I can’t even list how many names our players and our coaches were called. I know at least 5 girls right now that are pregnant with their first child if not their second. You’ll find on the walls in the classrooms, bathrooms and hallways, derogatory language that the students have written. It’s just very little discipline if any at Northwest and that’s what starts the problems. It’s really sad how bad Northwest’s…

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