High School Mathematics Class Descriptions Essay

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My High School Mathematics Class Descriptions I am one of the three mathematics teachers at Rocky Boy High School, which is located on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in Montana. Since this school is located on a reservation, 99% of my students are Native American. The mathematic classes I teach at the high school are one section of Advanced Mathematics, two sections of Algebra 1, two sections of high school Pre-Algebra, and one section of eighth grade Pre-Algebra. The other two mathematic teachers cover Geometry and Algebra 2. These teachers also teach science classes, so I am the only fulltime mathematics teacher. Within the junior/senior high building, there are 80 junior high students (seventh and eighth grade) and 150-200 high school students (ninth through twelfth grade). I teach thirteen …show more content…
These tests show what grade level they are achieving at that given point in time. This information helps the counselor know which English section and mathematic classes to put the students. For each English and mathematic class there is two sections, a lower section and an average/higher section. Having these sections for Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 helps me know at what pace, how many examples, and differentiated instruction I need to provide for the students.
Once students have their schedules and are in the correct mathematic classes I have them complete a handout with questions about them. I learn a lot of valuable information about my students from these handouts. I learn about their interests, what they consider their strengths and weaknesses, how they learn best, and so on. I use these handouts to find ways to make connections between mathematics and their interests. I also use these handouts to know which areas students will need help with the most. The majority of students write that their weakest subject to be

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